I'm feeling a bit worn down today.

This term has, in a lot of ways, felt like a lot of extra effort has gone into it for little result. Because of the group of students my course puts me in touch most frequently in our department - freshmen and seniors - I've seen some interesting patterns and similarities in questions. And when freshmen and seniors are asking the same things, it could mean one of a couple of things. Maybe it means that the question is one of huge importance, regardless of age. Maybe it means that we've done a poor job answering it over four years.

In any case, I made it a bit of a mission to try and address the biggest of the questions that I hear from this mix: how to get jobs with this degree. I put together a lecture on it, and this year, I've started to bring in people from various fields who have the same degree they have or who are in the careers my students say they want. I've fought the battles for rooms and equipment. I've begged money. I've sent notices and reminders. And - I'm sure no one is surprised at this - none of the students who weren't somehow required to be there actually attend.

I know I'll be less irritated in an hour, but in this moment, I could scream.


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Brigindo said...

Yeah...that sucks. I've been in similar situations and it probably doesn't make you feel any better right now, but I still think its means a lot that you set it up.

October 1, 2008 at 10:40 PM