Sometimes I Forget

I was in my office today when a colleague came in, very excited because she'd been able to share a story about a spontaneous show of solidarity against some folks proselytizing about the evils of homosexuality. I hadn't heard the story, and while I was glad that the story could be shared with our students, it took me a minute to process why she was so excited.

I was spoiled by my grad school time by the overwhelming number of friends who were comfortable in their own skin and with their sexuality. They - we - were lucky enough to be in a place where that sort of support and comfort was largely commonplace. My poor colleague hasn't had that luxury it seems, and while I was sad to be reminded that coming across a story in the news where people stood up to the sort of moralizing bully who'd tell you that you're living your life wrong might seem so rare as to be a victory, I was glad that sort of story got published at all. And I'm glad I could cheer 'em on and just maybe make my friend feel just a bit more comfortable in the world she lives in.


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Belle said...

That's great. I think your support could help her and others. But boy do I understand about the possible implications. Yargh.

October 10, 2008 at 8:59 AM
Dr. Curmudgeon said...

I'm glad if it helps. There's definitely a sense here that being out could have profound implications, but it seems like it's getting better. I hope so for her sake for the students I know who are also having to dance around this issue.

October 11, 2008 at 3:35 PM