Socialism? Really?

Okay, just for the record socialism isn't focused on the redistribution of wealth. You could call it taxation, you could call it robbery, you could call it fairness. Any of those things would be closer to the truth (though still over-simplifications) but it's not socialism. Socialism starts with the collective ownership of the means of production that then allows for redistribution of wealth. Even that's an oversimplification. But if we're going to oversimplify, we can do a better job than we have been.

With that in mind if you want to rattle people's cages about socialism you probably should not be the governor of a state that pays every citizen out of a general fund more than $3,000 - man, woman, or child - based on the assumption that your state owns the rights to oil production. The question I'd like to see someone ask Gov. Palin is whether she and her family cashed the check - which would have been roughly $21,000 for her and her husband and their five kids just in 2008 - or whether, being such a staunch opponent of socialism, she refused or returned the check.

I'm just saying.


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