We Interrupt This Vacation...

I probably should be either more offended by this or more concerned with the implications of it, but mostly I'm just amused by how silly - and what a weird statement about priorities - it seems to be.

Today's the last day of my vacation. I've spent the morning sitting with my family watching DVR'd Olympics - more on DVR and my family soon, thee I do assure - when the phone rings. It's a colleague (and not my roommate) calling. Evidently, there's some confusion about the event I was tricked into attending. Now, it appears, my services are no longer required; some university official whose name I don't know (and so presume to be tucked away in some higher-up position) would rather my colleague make the appearance.

This is all fine by me, as the event is both a pain in my ass and a waste of my time, being as it is poorly ventilated, spottily attended, long, and involving multiple prayers. But it is intriguing to me that it was deemed important enough that they made said colleague seek me out, find my number, and do his own hatchet job while I was on vacation.

Of course, this is from the folks who ask junior faculty to RSVP for things they won't be attending ('cause that's a nice list to sign your name on when you're worrying about tenure and promotion), so I probably shouldn't be surprised.


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