RBOC: Nothing to Get Hung About Edition

Second day of classes, first day of office hours. And as you may know, I don't even attempt to do anything productive in office hours. I do not regret this in the slightest. Other things I do not regret:
  • telling Pandora that I don't, in fact, like "Strawberry Fields Forever." Pandora, by way of apology, followed up with James Brown and Ray Charles.
  • my new "I Don't Care If Your Grandmother Died, I Only Care About Official Notices From the Dean" policy which has already (by the third hour of day 1, mind you) been put into play twice.
  • that I am out of Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins, which are like crack, but also reminiscent of 1970s Taco Flavored Doritos.
  • that my friend T. is going on a sailing vacation and I am not. I am, however, envious and insistent that at any given moment someone on that boat must wear an eye patch.
And with that bit of time wasted, I must away. Sail on, dear readers.


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