The Ugly Truth

I can't decide which is worse: that I own long underwear and slippers or that I'm actually thankful tonight to wear them. I find these things profoundly ugly (on par with Ugg boots). But I need them. Lord, how I need them.

Today as I started running errands - a lot of them automotive in nature - I was distressed to see little ice crystals forming on the inside of my windshield. At first, I thought something had shattered it, but no, the pattern was just the start of the inside of the car freezing. Now when I take my dog out to play frisbee, I imagine this is what is happening inside of me: little bands of ice forming.

Tonight, sitting in my apartment preparing to go watch the return of Battlestar Galactica, it was so cold that my toes began to get that feeling they get when you're driving a long distance in the cold, and you can only take so much of the heater.

It's so cold that I fear all of my posts are going to start taking on a Rodney Dangerfield tone to them ("My life is so cold..."). It is so cold my dog will only take two throws of the frisbee before he heads to the door.

It is just freakin' cold.


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