Job Tracking - Week 17

We had a couple of weeks off, and as expected, there hasn't been much job movement since the big push just prior to Christmas (way back in Week 16). The only major shift since then has been one more rejection.

We're in the midst of the start of the term here, and I'm trying to put together my research for the on-campus interviews at the same time that I'm trying to redesign a syllabus and get prior-to-the-term meetings dealt with. One of the tricky moments for me is always how to handle talking with my current department about the fact that I'm on the market. My chair has been reasonable, but that was when I was just looking. Now that I'm being interviewed, I worry that's going to change. And no one else in my department knows (to my knowledge). I'm never quite sure what to do about that.

I think it is made trickier this time because one of the positions is someplace everyone in the department would know I'm interested in simply because it's near my family (of course, if they knew me better and/or were reading the blog, they'd know that being near the family is definitely a double-edged sword for me). Friends have been surprised that I've not told my family about the possibility, but I think it makes a lot of sense - particularly in a market as shaky as this one - to not let anyone count unhatched chickens.

Anyway, there isn't much to report. Here's the new numbers.
Total # of academic jobs applied for/# of jobs identified: 23/25
Total # of non-academic jobs applied for/# of jobs identified 0/0
Total spent in U.S. dollars on applications: $192.90
Average cost in U.S. dollars per applications: $14.95
Total spent in U.S. dollars on travel, etc: $150.99
Total amount in U.S. dollars reimbursed: $0
The Chronicle of Higher Ed: 9 0
Other online service (listserv, etc): 14
Friend/Colleague: 2
Personal Research: 1
Total number of paper submissions: 19
Total number of e-submissions: 4
Total weight in pounds of application packets: 22.13
Total number of recommendation letters requested: 48
Total number of requests for references: 5
Total number of "proof of teaching excellence" packs : 9
Total number of requests for Teaching Philosophy :11
Total number of research packs: 13
Total number of transcripts requested: 3
Total number of acknowledgments of receipt: 20
Total number of confirmed reference contacts: 0
Total number of phone interviews: 2
Total number of conference interviews: 0
Total number of on-campus interviews: 2
Total number of offers: 0
Total number of rejection letters: 7
Total number of canceled or unhired positions: 1
And with that, I'm back to syllabi. More soon!


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