"Hi again. Another pre-recorded blog post to tide you over while I'm away.

Today, in case you missed it, is Thanksgiving here in the states. And though I'm away from home, my dog in the kennel, and I'm no doubt lethargic on someone else's couch having had my fill of the the things that matter on Thanksgiving: mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

And so, I'll leave you with a quick list of things I was thankful for two nights ago. Assuming nothing drastic changes, it's safe to say I'll still be thankful for them even as I'm very likely currently suffering from my own inability to turn down nearly anything that can have gravy or whip cream put on it.

I'm thankful for:
  • late night phone calls
  • the release of "Chinese Democracy" which I haven't heard and probably won't buy but because it provides a useful metaphor for something which seemed unlikely but eventually turned up anyway. It's Guns'n'Roses answer to that one friend we all have who never arrives until 2 minutes before the party's over
  • visiting friends and friends visiting
  • any chance to sleep late
  • all things that haven't gone wrong that could've
  • all the the things that might yet go better
Make your own lists and call your own friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving."


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