Job Tracking - Week 11

The real problem with teaching five courses instead of four has presented itself. Maybe it wouldn't always be this way, but the way my overload has worked is that two of my normal four courses are heavily stacked in terms of student workload - and hence, my grading load - at the end of the term. And it is an additional section of one of these courses that I picked up this term. Effectively, I'm in the midst of directing 44 different independent research projects. During a normal term, that number is at 30. The difference is overwhelming at the moment, and nearly everything has been lost in the shuffle to keep 44 separate student-conducted trains on the track.

I am pooped.

And so there hasn't been much done on the job front this week. But the big news is a phone interview. The school is on the edge of one of my dream locations, and I've got some interesting ties in the area, so I'm hoping that will give me some edge later on. At some point in the not-too-distant future, I'll write a little bit about phone interviews. But if there are any other interview-related topics that people are thinking about, let me know in the comments and perhaps I'll tackle one of them.

And with that, here's the week's numbers (and, of course, you can compare with last week's post by clicking here):
Total # of academic jobs applied for/# of jobs identified: 19/25
Total # of non-academic jobs applied for/# of jobs identified 0/0
Total spent in U.S. dollars on applications: $169.97
Average cost in U.S. dollars per applications: $8.95
Total spent in U.S. dollars on travel, etc: $0
Total amount in U.S. dollars reimbursed: $0
The Chronicle of Higher Ed: 9 0
Other online service (listserv, etc): 14
Friend/Colleague: 2
Personal Research: 1
Total number of paper submissions: 17
Total number of e-submissions: 2
Total weight in pounds of application packets: 20.96
Total number of recommendation letters requested: 39
Total number of requests for references: 5
Total number of "proof of teaching excellence" packs : 8
Total number of requests for Teaching Philosophy :7
Total number of research packs: 12
Total number of transcripts requested: 2
Total number of acknowledgments of receipt: 15
Total number of confirmed reference contacts: 0
Total number of phone interviews: 1
Total number of conference interviews: 0
Total number of on-campus interviews: 0
Total number of offers: 0
Total number of rejection letters: 1
Total number of canceled or unhired positions: 0
I'm guessing you're all also swamped at the end of the term, so here's hoping you're getting through it okay. More soon.


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Notorious Ph.D. said...

I think it's interesting that you still have no positions you've applied for that have been canceled or postponed. You may well be the only one out there. When Williams and Emory both postpone searches, you know that there's big trouble brewing.

November 23, 2008 at 12:24 AM
Dr. Curmudgeon said...

My suspicion is that a lot of them simply haven't sent the notifications out yet. It's been interesting to see that a number of places have had to repost positions which - particularly combined with the small number of applications to the search we're holding - makes me wonder if there's some other trend happening n my field.

November 23, 2008 at 12:34 AM