Liminal Thoughts...

Starting out New Year's Day at an airport. I'm figuring there's a reasonable chance I'll wind up spending the night in one, though I haven't heard any real problems with travel thus far (still, it's only 6:30 in the morning).

The trip home's been about as good as it can go. Last night, my mother mad the mad rush to clear things out of the DVR she wanted me to see, including a dog doing tricks on Oprah. I've managed to keep my wits about me most of the trip - one snap at my brother two nights ago being the only moment I can think of - and so I was fairly glad to have been able to simply leave the room.

It's hard to think positively about 2010. I've got two relatives with major health problems, the one with the worse bout of them refusing to - and in some ways not in the best position to - follow the most important of doctor's orders. I should probably worry a bit that two of my relatives have pulled me aside to explain the rules of bereavement fairs.

And still, it's a New Year, and there are things to be thankful for: the new job, the new city, friends, family. I guess this is probably one of those moments where you have to keep repeating it.


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Anonymous said...

OK, I'm continuing to repeat it, too.

There are going to be some problems but I have decided this is my year of power in which I will take care of my things that I like and do as I see fit / think best.

I have the advantage of having already accepted that my parents will either die this year or will continue to suffer (death being a slow process, and life wanting to hod on as much as possible) and that they are doing this in the way they choose.

January 1, 2010 at 12:33 PM