Plug and Play

I hate that I've become one of those people who carries a billion different cords with me when I travel. Last night, as I was packing, I found myself gathering the laptop cord, the sync for my iPod, the charger for my digital camera. In the airport today, I found myself staring daggers at the people who found working outlets. And if they took up more than one of them, I tried exploding them with the power of my brain.

It works, seriously. I've just been tired lately. I'm sure some people got nasty headaches, though, such is the power of my mind.

Washington-Dulles is particularly frustrating because they have designated spots to charge your gadgets, but they're only semi-functional, as there's barely any surface area for something to rest on, and typically, there are only two seats nearby. Worse, the cellphone zombies are particularly thick in Dulles, meaning no one is safe to walk because half the population can't be bothered to look where they're going.

Of course, what they're ordering at Wendy's just might be so important someone 3,000 miles away must know right away.

These complaints must, of course, be taken with a grain of salt as I am blogging from my hotel room, after all. Don't explode me please.


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