Job Tracking - Week 13

Let's see....the week's been quiet, at least for the week before finals. There isn't a lot of movement in terms of applications since last week. But a second phone interview, which is good. I'm plotting a post shortly about phone interviews - hopefully I'll have that out sometime tomorrow afternoon.

The bigger news is that I just got some movement on the book manuscript; both of my editors have acknowledged they are well into the thick of it and that they like what they've seen so far. They didn't say a lot, honestly, but I appreciated that they checked in and let me know how things are going and gave me a time frame for when I'd hear from them next. In a week where I've had to (sadly) resurrect my knowledge of customer service from days in the corporate world to try and explain to administration that something they need to consider when they talk about transparency is actually letting the thing being made transparent look in on an actual process.

So, on the off chance my editors (or any editors) are reading this blog: thanks for keeping in touch. It's appreciated, as it's made tackling my first book a little less daunting.

Here's this week's numbers.
Total # of academic jobs applied for/# of jobs identified: 20/25
Total # of non-academic jobs applied for/# of jobs identified 0/0
Total spent in U.S. dollars on applications: $169.97
Average cost in U.S. dollars per applications: $8.50
Total spent in U.S. dollars on travel, etc: $0
Total amount in U.S. dollars reimbursed: $0
The Chronicle of Higher Ed: 9 0
Other online service (listserv, etc): 14
Friend/Colleague: 2
Personal Research: 1
Total number of paper submissions: 17
Total number of e-submissions: 3
Total weight in pounds of application packets: 20.96
Total number of recommendation letters requested: 39
Total number of requests for references: 5
Total number of "proof of teaching excellence" packs : 8
Total number of requests for Teaching Philosophy :8
Total number of research packs: 12
Total number of transcripts requested: 2
Total number of acknowledgments of receipt: 17
Total number of confirmed reference contacts: 0
Total number of phone interviews: 2
Total number of conference interviews: 0
Total number of on-campus interviews: 0
Total number of offers: 0
Total number of rejection letters: 2
Total number of canceled or unhired positions: 0
So that's things here. I'm sure I'll have more to say now that finals week has started to settle things down.


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