Exam Interlude

Is it bad that I wanted to offer as a bonus question an over/under bet for my students about what time the late person would appear for the final exam? As a side bet, we could have tried to determine whether they would have brought a writing utensil or not.

I think it would've worked, though you could only do it once before someone tried to fix the bet. And, of course, there's the dubious nature of it...


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Anonymous said...

I had a student this semester who was so disruptive, annoying, and oblivious that he made the whole class miserable. On final exam day, when he turned in his exam and walked out of the door (and out of all of our lives -- hopefully), I though the remaining students might start clapping. But, mostly, *I* wanted to start clapping -- barely refrained myself.

December 13, 2008 at 9:13 AM