Tangents and Positive Thinking as Schtick

This trying not to complain for a few days is already proving difficult.

Wait. Is that a complaint? Aigh. Let's try again.

This trying not to complain for a few days is already proving difficult a worthwhile experience that is pushing me to new limits and realizations.

That's better. Unfortunately, it means I don't have such a well thought-out post for today. That has resulted in a more free-form sort of post. In the past 24 hours, as I've been undertaking this new adventure with a smile on my face, I've found myself pondering the following things:
  • drawing a cartoon with a superhero called "Riot Grrl," intended as a positive feminst role-model, whose arch-nemesis would be "FemiNazi" would be the straw-woman my students often make feminism out to be. Unfortunately, I cannot draw, but I have a great script if anyone is interested. What a great opportunity for me to learn to draw, unless someone would like to collaborate which would be keen, too!
  • how much my insurance is paying beyond my copay for a physical therapist to have me do an exercise I was taught in first grade
  • the unintended consequences of race in teaching (see here - particularly the comments for what started this thought process)
  • where are the eligible women in my age bracket have gone from the place I currently live and whether this would have been considered a plague in Biblical times, assuming of course that women counted in the Bible how fortunate I am, as a single male, to be in place that makes it so easy to focus on my career, which is good because some naysayers might compare this to a Biblical plague only to then use that comparison as a negative commentary on the foundational text of one of the world's major religions
  • what I was thinking assigning weekly essays to my two largest classes and how when I make it out of this term alive (ha! you thought I was going to say something that needed to be struck out, didn't you?) I will be much more cautious for at least two to three days in choosing what assignments to hand out
  • that probably only my father would have appreciated the reply, "No, I'm not such a grand uncle. I'm really kind of average." to his phoned announcement that my niece just had a baby girl as much as I enjoyed making it
  • how wise it was of me to spend extra money on a boxed set of John Lee Hooker's music at this time in my life (answer: so very, very!)
There was other stuff. But the stack of essays appears to be growing as I type this.


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tricia said...

ah yes, recommitting to OPTIMISM TRAINING is probably an excellent idea right about now. perhaps i will join you in the excellent practice of trying-not-to-complain. although by your rules i would pretty much not be able to talk about my job at all. but maybe that's not a bad thing.

October 11, 2007 at 9:07 AM
Dr. Curmudgeon said...

You'll notice I didn't post an entry yesterday, so I'm learning that this optimism business only goes so far. The ability to say something and then strike it out with the spoken word would've made yesterday lots easier.

October 11, 2007 at 10:25 AM