Johnny Guitar and other tales?

So it is Spring Break at last, and while I could be worrying about the reaming I'm currently getting as part of my 120,000 mile checkup, I'd rather focus on the positive. Making it halfway through the term certainly isn't a bad thing, though how we got here, I'll never know.

First up - and pictured to the right - is the treat I bought myself to make the new year seem a little brighter. I've always wanted to play an instrument. These days piano is just as intriguing, but it is completely unrealistic on a single person's budget (not to mention space questions), so guitar it is. I've taken guitar lessons before, though ages ago and not for very long. We'll see whether any of it comes back or not.

The other big news is that funding for the first of the summer conferences abroad has come through, so I'll manage some travel this summer even if car repairs keep me from doing anything fun between now and then. This trip will be sending me to England, and I think I'll be able to linger in London for a few extra days, so if you've spots to lobby for me to visit or any great recommendations, let me know.


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life_of_a_fool said...

congratulations on your new guitar (and spring break)! I bought myself one last summer, and love it. Even though I can't really play it and try painfully infrequently. I recommend lessons -- I took group lessons, which I imagined to be traumatic, but they were fun and were a useful (and apparently necessary, for me) incentive to practice.

March 9, 2010 at 8:04 PM