RBOLove and Hate

  • that I have tilted with the charming folks at curriculum and only made one awkward suggestion about their math skills
  • that I made it through my in-class observation without dropping a single curse-word
  • that I'm off to a nearby conference for the weekend
  • Blueberry Cobbler ice cream
  • the Lose It! iPhone ap (and because the FTC or somesuch say so: no, I'm not sponsored by anyone or getting paid for that): I just hate the gym but this harnesses my own brand of anal-retentiveness, yolks it to my sometimes-love of technology
  • the gym. But I've said that before.
  • that males of a certain age think a spray down of Axe equals a shower. As if men's locker rooms didn't start with some disadvantages smell-wise, Axe takes it to a whole new "if they bottled Victorian hooker sweat" sort of level
  • that I have managed three whole words of writing this term so far. Holy crap, do they love meetings here.


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