Information Vacation

So much for being good about posting and such, but really, I imagine there's not many folks out there at the moment anyway. Things have been busy in that non-busy holiday way here. I had a guest for a few days, and then I was a guest elsewhere for a few days, and somehow in the midst of that, I managed to pull myself away from the Internet and e-mails and the blog for several days in a row (a near-Herculean feat). I need to remember in the future just how relaxing that can be.

I've read and read and read, tired the pooch out, watched movies (check out "Once" if you get the chance - the story's a little slow but the music is good). And I taught myself to make omelets, a thing that deserves mentioning only because it's so ridiculously easy that I'm embarrassed that I just got to it. Honestly, they're so good, shouldn't they be harder to make? The best one so far: bacon, cheese, and pico de gallo.

The roommate returns from MLA tomorrow, and I'm off to visit family just after that. And when I return, I've got a syllabus to design and readings to copy, and - of course - job applications for the position we're hiring for to go through while stressing the state of the applications I put out elsewhere, so things will be back to the usual mayhem shortly.


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