Off Like A...Charity Drive?

So I'm sitting here grading papers, the tv on making noise, and I hear a public service announcement. It tells me that many high school students in the area can't afford new gowns for their proms and so they're asking the city to help by donating "gently used" prom dresses.

Am I wrong to find this the funniest, saddest, most misplaced attempt at charity? What's next, used beer steins for down-on-their-luck frat boys?

Is it bad that it immediately made me feel like someone who'd lived through the Great Depression and needed to remind every whippersnapper that there are more important things?

That said, it's been ages since my prom, but I do recall a few folks who managed to find the fun way to "gently use" that prom dress. I hope the charity is also promoting safe sex...


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