Just a break from finals grading which is, thankfully, getting done. This is unusual for me, as my tendency is to put it off as late as I possibly can.

A bit of good news here and there: it looks like my summer course is going to take. There might even be more people than the bare minimum needed. So now I need to revisit the syllabus next week and make sure it's doing what I want. The pay's a pittance, but every little bit helps. And since flights home are ridiculous - when I checked yesterday, they were over $800 which I hope was just some fluke of the days I tested.

There was a nice card from one of my students in my mailbox today, and another who stopped by to tell me how a year ago to tell me that a year ago they weren't sure they could continue here - or that they could make it. And now, it's time for them to graduate, and they wanted to say thanks for all the help. So I've got a little bit of swagger to help me through the grading, which is always nice.

Tomorrow, the plan is to grille - I've got a steak ready, and there'll be pico de gallo to spare. It feels like summer might actually be here.

But for now, back to the pile o' grading.


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